My Trolls

My trolls are my "slightly less serious" side.

I started off with one - I think - in 2000. I named it Carin B. Logan, so for me it was only natural more trolls gathered around her. You see, with every story, one or more trolls just happened to bear a striking resemblance to some of my characters, so obviously they joined my happy family. The thing is: those trolls don't stop "living" once the book is finished. They go on with their lives. They have full biographies.

warningSo here's my warning: This is a "READ AT YOUR OWN PERIL" page. If you see this sign next to any troll name, it means that the biography will most likely spoil the plot of the story/stories the troll features in. The very name itself might even spoil the book. If you still intend to read the book(s) mentioned below the name in the biography page, DO NOT CONTINUE and turn back!
There, I've done my duty. Now it's up to you.

PS I've had people telling me that most of my trolls don't look female, so they can't have female names. Excuse me, but don't insult my trolls. I know how painful it is to be mistaken for the other sex.

Below a gallery of my troll friends.

Carin B Logan Prof MacGregor Scotty MacGregor
Bridget Ilisa Catriona
Seoras Ellen and Ellen Alex
Julie Val Kenneth
Lena Ron and Linda Finn
Malcolm Nic Lyn
Calum Andrew Tom
Len   Fitch
  The Happy Couple